The costs of state regulations that ban hydraulic fracturing are not borne by upstream drillers alone. Midstream operators are targeted by the forces that oppose the oil and gas industry, and the citizens of states that ban fracking miss out on jobs and tax revenue needed to support education and other government programs.
In this episode of Political Sidetrack, a roundtable of three experts join host Len Vermillion to discuss the impact of these bans and concerns about future efforts to restrict fracking. Mike Hogan is an energy consultant in New York; Dan Weaver is executive director of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association; and Drew Cobbs oversees the American Petroleum Institute’s activities in Maryland, which recently banned fracking.

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Mike Hogan of Hogan Energy Consulting has worked with upstream and midstream companies for more than 30 years, with experience in nearly all of the major basins in North America, as well as projects in Europe and the Middle East. He was president and COO of Somerset Oil and Gas Co. Inc. and has worked for North coast Gas Transmission Co., US Energy and Berea Oil and Gas Corp.



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Dan Weaver, president and executive director of Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA).  Prior to serving in this role, Dan led PIOGA’s efforts to educate both school students and the public about energy issues for the past five years, including the development of K-12 study course on oil and natural gas that meets Pennsylvania’s standards in history, civics and government, economics, and science and technology.  He has represented PIOGA to members of Congress and the state legislature, as well as media sources around the state and nation.

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Drew Cobbs, director, eastern region for the American Petroleum Institute, oversee government and public affairs professionals and contract lobbyists in 12 states from Virginia to Maine. He also lobbies in the State of Maryland as the executive director of the Maryland Petroleum Council.

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Len Vermillion (host) is group managing editor for Hart Energy’s Digital News Group. Based in Houston, he manages editorial content development for Hart Energy’s upstream and midstream websites.
He has worked in publishing for more than 20 years, having led several magazines and digital products serving various industries including engineering, retail and travel.
He has a bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Velda Addison (co-host) joined Hart Energy in June 2012. She brings more than a decade of journalism experience along with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. She has won several reporting awards for news coverage in Texas and Louisiana. Addison is responsible for managing the E&P website, including writing and editing articles, managing freelancers and contributors, and managing social media accounts across Hart Energy's upstream websites. Addison also serves as the lead editor for Hart Energy’s Subsea Engineering News newsletter.