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Riverstone, energy, investment, A&D, acquisition, divestiture

Energy Backer Riverstone Brushes Aside Volatility, Nears Funding Cap

Riverstone has spent the past two years beefing up companies in Norway, the Midcontinent, Mexico, the Bakken, Permian Basin and continues to make energy bets despite a down market.

Utica Shale Bulks Up

Bigger wells, and much-needed infrastructure coming within 18 months, will show what the Utica Shale is made of.

Post-Macondo Production Rebounds

The Gulf of Mexico will host a production surge this year.

Capital Influx

An influx of private capital paves the way for transactions.

Why Shale Must Regain Its Mojo

The rebalancing of oil supply and demand has begun.

Texas Bans Fracking Ban

Texas aims to ban a fracking ban.

The Quarterly Highlights Reel

Half-time is here. Has the bottom been reached?
Cimarex, XEC, Permian, Delaware Basin, Midcontinent, Denver, Oil, Gas, drilling, rigs, Cana-Woodford, Meramec, Oklahoma, shale play

Cimarex Stock Offering Is Another Sign That Permian, Midcon May Be Heating Up

Cimarex plans to sell 7 million shares, which may be used to accelerate drilling and completion work in the Delaware Basin and Cana-Woodford after the company cut rigs.
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