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Leveraging The Downturn

For energy CEOs, when revenue plunges due to low commodity prices, it’s leading, more than managing, that will determine the winners when the clouds lift. 

The News From DUG Permian

New completion techniques promise better, cheaper wells in the Permian. Combined with investments in infrastructure, data collection and lower service costs, $60 oil is the new $80. 

Conventional Thinking

Now that unconventional plays have emerged as an important factor in the industry, it’s time to revisit conventional reservoirs in the search for even more value.
Heerema, Balder deepwater construction vessel, U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Olympus, Mars Field

Deepwater Double-Take

Part of Oil and Gas Investor Excellence Awards: Best Field Rejuvenation With the successful installation of a second tension-leg platform at its Gulf of Mexico Mars Field, Shell has further secured its position as a deepwater leader and breathed new life into the field.

The Givers

Part of Oil and Gas Investor Excellence Awards: Best Corporate Citizen of 2014 ConocoPhillips reassessed its charitable giving strategy after spinning off its downstream operations three years ago. Today its charitable investments are fewer, but more powerful.

Wringing Costs Out Of The Permian

Its new water recycling system and other improvements are aiding the economics of Approach Resources’ wells in the southern Midland Basin.

Golden Returns

Energy equities dropped like lead before recently stabilizing, but popular valuation tools might overlook future winners. Which undervalued E&P stocks will be good as gold tomorrow?

Learning The Hard Way: Sectarian Conflict Intensifies

Sectarian strife in the Middle East poses serious risks.
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