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The forbidden city in Beijing, China.

China is widely believed to have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources.

2014-08-20 19:04:00
A view of Rocky Mountain National Park from the YMCA of the Rockies.

Gov. Hickenlooper struck a deal to create a task force that will study fracking and present state legislature with its recommendations.

2014-08-20 16:33:00
Sailing ship.

Rowan Companies' new CEO offers his view from the bridge as the organization enters new markets.

2014-08-19 17:37:00
Hand touching digital tablet, social media concept.

A survey implies the industry is underutilizing social media to communicate with the public, specifically concerning fracking.

2014-08-18 19:09:00

At the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Matt Kellogg advises 'industry leaders on political, regulatory and legislative risks and opportunities.'

2014-08-15 15:00:00

Swift Energy in July quietly entered a small joint venture with Indonesia’s PT Saka Energi to develop a parcel of the Eagle Ford Shale within the largely forgotten lean gas window. 

2014-08-15 14:21:00

'Much of private equity’s success can be attributed to its uncanny ability to buy when no one else has capital.'

2014-08-14 21:06:00

The company entered into multiple agreements with unrelated third-party sellers. 

2014-08-13 21:05:00

Significant liquidity events could be seen during the next 30 days, Magnum Hunter said.

2014-08-13 16:55:00

Also, Zecchi is more optimistic about international gas futures than US oil futures.

2014-08-12 19:22:00

Brooks: ‘We’re rebuilding the company after we restructured it over the last year and a half.’

2014-08-08 17:21:00

Power demand is expected to grow to 6 billion cubic feet per day in 2015, an analyst said.

2014-08-07 14:21:00