Presented by Grant Thornton, Preng & Associates, Citigroup and The University of Oklahoma Price College of Business Energy Institute

Brennan Potts, 31

President & CEO, Accelerate Resources LLC, Dallas

Founded Accelerate Resources; partnered up with private equity fund Pine Brook targeting non-operated working interest in the core of the top resource plays. Currently building an asset base in the Midland Basin.

Career path: Previously, co-founded Titanium Exploration Partners, which raised $300 million in private equity commitments. Led business development and acquisitions where he acquired an interest in 25,000 acres and 100 wells in the Eagle Ford Shale. Prior to Titanium, was Vice President of Eagle Ford company Valor Petroleum which was acquired by Marathon Oil.

On leadership: Believes that a leader’s primary role is to bring out the best in others. “The job of a leader is to cast the vision and then execute on it by making everyone around you better. A leader must create an atmosphere that galvanizes, energizes, and unifies the team around a cause.”

Dynamism: Appreciates “the speed and velocity with which the energy business moves.” In the industry, “prices change, deals trade, plays get discovered and new technologies emerge all the time. It makes for an exciting career.”

Keep on moving: Personal motto is “Press On,” urging him to “Reach, strive and work toward a goal that is bigger than myself. Not just in business but also in life.” So inspired by this mantra that “It has now become part of my default email signature.”

Achieving advantage: During downturn, found the “opportunity to evaluate myself as an entrepreneur and executive.” Believed leaders that can distinguish themselves rise above. “I’ve learned that in a highly competitive environment, you have to be able to think differently from competition…I’ve acted on that by building a company culture that embraces technology and innovation that gives us an edge in the market.”

Prioritize: Extols the virtues of tackling one thing at a time. “Many times entrepreneurs try to work on too many ideas or projects at once. Go be the best at one thing and execute on that. Then once you’ve been established, you can expand your horizons.”

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