Special Reports

A revolution in energy supply is sweeping across America. It’s exciting for U.S. consumers, and its changes are rippling far beyond our borders. Some now say that by 2020 the U.S. could be the No. 1 oil and gas producer in the world.
This special report explains how U.S. companies discovered these new energy supplies, and what these supplies mean to the overall economy.

These days, investors find themselves pondering the macro picture. But in the end, to zero in on the individual company matters most. What does the balance sheet say? Is the company outspending cash flow? Is it growing production per share? Is it transitioning to drilling for liquids? Talking to CEOs about their ongoing strategy is very revealing, although it’s perhaps a less tangible way to get a bead on the way companies may perform. In this special report, we chat with 13 executives helming a wide range of E&P types to provide investors with that critical, unique view into the Corner Office.

Combine huge oil and gas resource potential, thousands of drilling locations just waiting for the drill bit, and more private-equity dollars than have ever been available before. Add in a conversation about producers being able to revive basically every play in the U.S., and maybe even export oil and gas. Here’s how leading investment banks, reserve-backed commercial lenders and private-equity firms are changing their business models to adapt to the new energy scene. This annual special supplement to Oil and Gas Investor details what the bankers are thinking, how E&Ps are using private equity, and new ways to fund development drilling.

One of the greatest privileges—and most fun—one can have is to meet and get to know the legendary executives of the oil and gas industry. Here are 48 of them, plus a bonus, George P. Mitchell, the “father” of the shale revolution now changing the industry so dramatically in North America. Get to know these legends, and learn from the wisdom they’ve accumulated over their extraordinary careers in the oil patch.