With the decline in commodity prices, oilfield operators find themselves looking for more efficient ways of producing oil and natural gas. But the question many people in the industry end up asking themselves is what actually works?

Big data has ushered in new ideas and means of creating efficiency in the oil patch, and it has taken hold in several areas of exploration and production. In this first episode of the DUG Technology podcast with Hart Energy’s chief technical director, Richard Mason, who serves as host of the DUG Technology series, and Jessica Morales, we dive deep into the opportunities big data presents to shale players.

But what is DUG Technology? In 2018, Hart Energy conferences added new technical content to its second-day agendas at DUG Permian Basin, DUG East, DUG Eagle Ford and DUG Midcontinent. This programming features regionally-focused and technologically-driven sessions.

Expert panels, technical spotlights and roundtable discussions cover a range of topics, including:

  • Proppants;
  • Well stimulation practices;
  • Water sourcing, treatment and reuse;
  • Completion optimization; and
  • Artificial intelligence

In our first episode, Jessica and Richard look back at the first DUG Technology held during DUG Permian Basin in Fort Worth, Texas, in May. In this episode:

  • Alex Robart, CEO, Ambyint USA, discusses examples of how data technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), is being used in the oil patch (2:40);
  • Victor Figueroa, southern U.S. sales director-OFS, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, opines on  how to optimize the use of data and monitor it from afar (4:44);
  • What other ways do service companies employ data technology in the oil patch? Ron Gusek, president, Liberty Oilfield Services, talks about different programs (6:09);
  • Blake Carlson, president and COO, WellAware, talks chemical management at the well site, particularly how low-cost IoT can help keep capex spend be reasonable (8:34); and
  • How you can get involved with DUG Technology conferences (11:50).