People - 20 Under 40

Laura Randall: Geologist, Border To Border Exploration

Border To Border Exploration is based in Austin, Texas.

May 1, 2014

Julie Woodard: Land Manager, Midcontinent South District, Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. is based in Oklahoma City

May 1, 2014

Cameron W. George: Director Of Finance, Linn Energy LLC

Linn Energy LLC is based in Houston.

May 1, 2014

David L. Clay: Vice President-Exploration, Ames Acock Oil & Gas LLC

Ames Acock Oil & Gas LLC is based in San Antonio.

May 1, 2014

Jason D. Dean: Vice President-Land, Partner, Cascade Petroleum LLC

Cascade Petroleum LLC is based in Denver.

May 1, 2014

Katherine Richard: Founder; Chief Executive Officer, Warwick Energy Group

Warwick Energy Group is based in Oklahoma City.

May 1, 2014

Matt Ultis: Manager-Finance and Investor Relations, Oasis Petroleum

Oasis Petroleum is based in Houston.

May 1, 2014

Justin Woody: Vice President, Engineering & Geoscience, Questar

Questar Corp. is based in Salt Lake City. 

September 17, 2013

Joshua (Josh) Rowan: Project Services Supervisor, BHP Billiton Petroleum

BHP Billiton Petroleum is based in Houston. 

September 11, 2013

Janet Yang: Director, Strategic Planning & Analysis W&T Offshore

W&T Offshore is based in Houston, Texas.

September 6, 2013

Bryan Sheffield: President, Parsley Energy

Parsley Energy LP is based in Midland.

August 28, 2013

Dwayne T. Stewart: President, Fairways Exploration & Production

 Fairways Exploration & Production LLC is based in Houston. 

August 26, 2013