October 2018

Cover Story

As new formations are proved up in the Powder River Basin, and more rigs move into the basin, E&Ps are gearing up for a shift to “manufacturing mode.”


Long-time Bakken pure-player Oasis Petroleum expanded its portfolio into the competitive Delaware Basin. Is the deal an expansion of its program, or the prelude to an eventual portfolio makeover? Or both?

This niche business is growing rapidly as water companies respond to producers’ insatiable water needs. Here’s a look at four of them.

Through the third quarter, midstream deals continued to be dominated by restructurings, E&Ps tried to get credit for infrastructure and the looming presence of private equity took over auctions with a torrent of cash.

Mineral companies continue to proliferate despite a crowded marketplace, but the Permian Basin’s rise in drilled but uncompleted wells are choking revenue.

It wasn’t always easy for Williams Partners, but with Atlantic Sunrise, Marcellus bottlenecks give way and new markets get a connection to a treasure trove of natural gas.

The new limitation on interest deductibility is changing the cost of capital for companies and partnerships.

U.S. shale has developed at a breathtaking pace, yet we see the revolution still ongoing, according to a Stratas Advisors’ outlook analyzing upstream dynamics in a downstream context.

U.S. natural gas production has reached an all-time high, but it’s not showing up in storage. What’s up?

A&D Trends

The bidding began unceremoniously at the suggested $2 per acre, the pop of a firecracker as heavy artillery moved within range.

At Closing

More than 40 years ago, when President Jimmy Carter said that breaking our addiction to foreign oil was the moral equivalent of war, no one dreamed that by 2018, shale producers would have mounted an increasingly successful, expensive campaign in that war.

Bright Spots

Daniel Vogel, managing director of Apollo Global Management, spoke with Oil and Gas Investor about his career and what he thinks about the deal market today.

E&P Momentum

The secret behind those super-extended laterals? It is a holistic approach in which drilling and completion are considered two sides of the same coin.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Capital discipline continues as the overarching message of public E&Ps, born out of a downturn that capsized balance sheets built on growth funded by debt.

On the Money

As Initiative 97 made it onto the ballot as Proposition 112, it was as if a cloud containing some of the extreme politics of California descended on the Colorado energy sector.