August 2018


The Permian takeaway situation will get worse before it gets better and, possibly, reappear in 2020 or shortly thereafter, securities analysts expect. Talk to an investment advisor and stock up on Snickers.

The change in investor sentiment has in turn altered how private-equity sponsors and portfolio companies exit.

CEO Jeff Fisher is turning a vision into reality for Ascent Resources in Ohio’s Utica Shale.

High-yield energy has outperformed many of its fixed income peers as E&P capital discipline provides a clear path to generating free cash flow.

New technology, reservoir knowledge and a willingness to take risks are keys for operators in the Midland Basin and Central Basin Platform.

In recent years, Appalachian gas firms have faced some big challenges: chronically low gas prices, infrastructure that is in perpetual catch-up mode and the changing complexion of competition.

U.S. tariffs on steel are biting midstream companies working to open up Permian infrastructure for E&Ps, while China’s retaliatory tariffs may cut off a lucrative export market.

On the Money

It was about four years ago that crude prices turned down.

From the Editor-in-Chief

It’s the last one that could result in unintended consequences, however, according to Bernstein Research.

E&P Momentum

The sprawling Permian Basin is the oil and gas gift that keeps on giving—often in unanticipated ways.

At Closing

Love makes the world go ‘round but firm transportation makes production flow.

Cover Story

As operators in the Permian Basin push the envelope on lateral lengths and completion intensity, sand rises as both a star player and potential bottleneck.

A&D Trends

An A&D riddle: What isn’t for sale, cost $64 million, required 150,000 acres and in the past year has generated a 30% return?