May 2017

A&D Trends

Matador Resources Co. has historically been ahead of the pack in the Delaware Basin, and it’s just picked up some more acreage.

At Closing

Shifting attitudes toward climate change and the adoption of electric vehicles may disrupt the oil and gas industry.

Bright Spots

Richard Ball has combined his affinity for rocks with his interest in A&D.


 Armed with new capital, California Resources Corp. and Sentinel Peak Resources LLC will drill more in the Golden State. And, they are joined by a restructured Berry Petroleum.

Former Deutsche Bank chief energy economist Adam Sieminski presided over the U.S. Energy Information Administration as the country’s energy-security profile turned positive for the first time since before the 1970s.

Charif Souki, the man who launched the U.S. as an LNG exporter, is back in business with a new, bolder venture. And he has the team to pull it off.

EXCO Resources Co. is heading away from the Eagle Ford and making moves toward the Haynesville.

Investors weigh rising capex and rig count against a surge in supply, as $50 crude price is viewed as a key threshold.

Sanchez Energy snagged a transformative $2-billion deal far exceeding its equity market cap by assembling world-class private capital sources, commercial banks and a  newly branded UnSub. 

Operators in these Rockies shale oil plays lean on new technology to increase production.

Cover Story

 A multibillion-dollar flurry of consolidation swept across the remote Delaware Basin last year, putting much of the acreage in the hands of longer-term developers. Now, on the cusp of full-out development, how do buyers plan to take it to the next level?

E&P Momentum

Water demand for hydraulic well stimulation will exceed supply in large-scale regional developments.

From the Editor-in-Chief

The Permian Basin is a happy place indeed.

On the Money

Pressure pumping margins are improving, and Halliburton’s taken notice.