February 2017

A&D Trends

Contango ups its Permian Basin acreage in a nifty deal.


A&D activity may be muted compared to 2017, depending on the availability of prime Permian acreage.

Here are the estimated strengths and weaknesses of two new oilfield service IPOs.

President Donald Trump campaigned on a pro-energy platform. Are his promises of an energy-friendly climate too good to be true?

Last quarter IPOs set the mark for a promising 2017, but execution and dual tracks will determine who crosses the finish line.

Private operators hone their frack and re-frack designs in this Eagle Ford extension with solid economic results.

The Australian government may review the fiscal system that underpins its upstream oil and gas industry.

Diamondback Energy CEO Travis Stice and team have turned the company into one of the largest Permian Basin enterprises. Here he outlines the company’s Three S’s for success.

The following are 10 significant storylines—in no particular order of importance—that had a direct impact on the future of the global oil and gas industry. 

At Closing

IR pros are updating their slide decks after buying and selling adjustments of 2016.

Bright Spots

Matt Gallagher has grown with Parsley Energy Inc.

Cover Story

After two years of oil price turmoil, things are looking up. But in good times or bad, private equity sponsors know when to invest, divest or exit.

E&P Momentum

A Denver independent successfully field tests a technique to thwart well bashing.

On the Money

Somewhere in our psyche is the dream of being able to buy at the very bottom of the cycle. Whether it is acreage or equipment, commodities or equities, maybe we’ve pulled it off once or twice— but it’s not a regular occurrence. Soon we learn it’s prudent to hold back some dry powder. That way, if the bargain we’re itching to buy goes lower, there’s still room to add to the position and lower its cost basis.