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Introducing Stock Scout 100

Oil and Gas Investor's Stock Scout 100 is a specialty index that reflects the overall health of the U.S. oil and gas industry. It is a basket of 100 stocks, two-thirds in E&P and one-third in oilfield service. The E&P stocks include large cap, small cap and mid-cap names. For more information on Stock Scout 100, please contact Chris Sheehan, CFA, at csheehan@hartenergy.com

For more information about the Stock Scout 100, read this article.

Hart Energy 100 Index

Commodities - Crude Oil

Commodities - Natural Gas



Company Symbol IPO Price IPO Date Last Trade Change From IPO Price CAGR From IPO
RSP Permian, Inc. RSPP $19.50 1/16/2014 Chart $10K investment »
Rice Energy Inc. RICE $21.00 1/23/2014 Chart $10K investment »
Parsley Energy Inc. PE $18.50 5/23/2014 Chart $10K investment »