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Cynthia Jaggi, 38

Senior Vice President, Strategic Process Transformation, EnLink Midstream LLC, Dallas

This outspoken communicator originally joined EnLink Midstream LLC’s predecessor, Crosstex, in 2006 as a process engineer. Her time optimizing and managing projects eventually led her to implement a transformational communication and management process for major projects. Jaggi’s “project playbook” helped smooth the way when EnLink purchased certain subsidiaries of Tall Oak Midstream for $1.55 billion in January 2016.

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“What I enjoy most about my job is that I can make a difference and make things better in our organization and in our industry. My career is about how I influence and change things, more than it is about upward momentum through promotions.”

Career path: She began as a co-op engineer at Caterpillar Inc.’s chemical products and hose division in 1999 in Illinois. She worked a summer at Williams Energy’s operations engineering division in 2001 in Oklahoma and then became a process engineer in Texas for ExxonMobil Corp.’s refining and supply division. Her next stop before Crosstex/EnLink was Reheis Intermediates in Texas, as a plant engineer.

Mentor: Jaggi cherishes her childhood time spent with her uncle, John Rabbitt, who had become paraplegic after a construction accident when Jaggi was 7 years old. Over the years, Jaggi and her cousins helped him around his house with various projects. “My cousins and I were, essentially, his legs. He’s smart, funny and never gives up. He made me feel confident that I could do anything. I always want to make people feel like he made me feel.” Her uncle gave her “a really strong core of knowing what I wanted.”

In October 2017, Cynthia Jaggi received a promotion, moving from her old position as the senior vice president of engineering and operations services, according to a press release.

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