Worthington Energy Inc. (OTC BB: WGAS) reports the results of the four-point test on the company's I-1 well in the GoM. The four-point test, which is required by the Railroad Commission of Texas, measures the deliverability of a well as defined by the well's capacity to produce, and is used by the RRC to allocate production quotas.

"We brought the I-1 Well on line in order to complete the four-point test. The well was opened on a 7-in choke and was allowed to stabilize for three hours," stated Worthington Energy’s president and CEO, Tony Mason. "We flowed the well on both a 6-in choke and a 7-in choke, and the extrapolated oil rate flow ranged between approximately 200 to 400 BOE/d."

“In order to enable steady oil and gas production to take place, the 6-in choke will be our initial production choke once we get the pipeline charged. The oil produced was 38.3 API. Based on these results, the I-1 will probably end up being classified as an oil well and not a gas/condensate well," he continued.

"The pipeline pressure was up to 80 psi but we still need to be at least 300 to 400 psi in order to begin 24-hour production. We are currently pressuring up the line and should be fully charged in the next few days," concluded Mason.