Resolute Energy Corp. (NYSE: REN) detailed its capex budget and operations outlook for 2014, the company said March 10.

The 2014 capex budget will range between $136 million-$153 million and will be funded substantially by internal cash flow, the company said. A base plan provides monies for horizontal Permian and Powder River Basin wells, the company added, noting that less will be spent on Aneth field.

Between $70 million-$77 million is allocated to the Permian Basin, and between $12 million-$14 million is allocated to the Powder River Basin, while Aneth—including CO2—sits at $16 million-$18 million, or $18 million-$20 million excluding CO2, the company noted.

About $20 million-$24 million will be spent on leasing and other expenses, the company said. Specifically, general and administrative (G&A) expense will range between $25 million-$30 million, and lease operating expense (LOE) will range between 98$ million-$113 million, Resolute said. The company noted that the increased G&A spending projection corresponds to a personnel increase.

Regarding this year’s production guidance, Resolute projects between 4.5 million- 4.9 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) with a midpoint up 5% from 2013’s 4.47 BOE, the company said.

Oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs) will supply 93% of this production on a revenue-weighted basis, the company said, noting that 82% of production on a volume-weighted basis is attributable to the same materials.

Commodities have been hedged for this year, the company said, noting that aggregate average daily oil volume is 7,700 BOE. Of this amount, 71%--5,500 BOE—was hedged at swaps with a $92.94 average strike price, and 16%--1,200 BOE—was hedged by a put spread with purchased and sold strike prices of $85 and $70 per barrel, respectively.

A Nymex price of $90 per barrel weighted average would yield $91.66 per barrel weighted average price to Resolute, the company noted.

Daily gas volumes of 5,000 British thermal units (Btu) were hedged at $4.17 per million Btu (MMBtu) weighted average price, the company added.

Denver-based Resolute Energy acquires, explores and develops oil and natural gas properties in Utah’s Paradox Basin, the Permian Basin and the Powder River Basin.