OGI This Week

‘Deeply Embedded’ Challenges: Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry faces “legal hurdles.” A Trend With Staying Power:  The trend of “monster wells,” also described as “upsized fracks, upsized completions or enhanced completions,” is “coming of age” in the industry now. Watch And Wait: “Uncertainty about regulations” looms in Texas, according to Alex Miller, the president and chief of staff of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.
Going Once, Going Twice: Wells in the Permian Basin that were linked to an oil and gas company accused of fraud by the SEC are being sold. Wait And See:  The results of second-quarter earnings reports indicate that some E&Ps should wait until acquisitions “pan out before judging whether buys were a smart move.” Keep It Coming: Mexico will continue to need natural gas from the United States, according to analysts.
Day in court: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says Chesapeake Energy Corp. and Encana Oil and Gas USA tried to avoid a “bidding war” and now face criminal charges. Predictions: Tom Petrie, of Petrie Partners, detailed his views on the industry’s future at DUG Midcontinent. Golden opportunity: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R- Alaska) says America’s “surging oil production” is yielding a bright future—“a golden opportunity.”