August 2017


When oil prices began their slide in late 2014, energy executives responded as they typically do during a downturn— paring back workforces, canceling capital-intensive projects, reducing spending wherever possible and waiting for an uptick.

Steve Schlotterbeck took the CEO title at EQT Corp. and its two publicly traded midstream companies on March 1, in addition to being president of the Pittsburgh-based gas producer since December 2015.

Each time you talk about your company, you have a good story to tell, to investors, shareholders, stakeholders, vendors and partners.

Bearish sentiment is widespread, but analysts identify E&Ps they see as long-term winners.

These private equity-backed start-ups are focused on the northern Delaware Basin, Eagle Ford and the Arkoma Basin. Here are their assets and their plans.

Natural gas production from this oily basin could double by 2020, causing bottlenecks. Mexican end users and overseas LNG buyers wait while the midstream gears up.

With West Texas Intermediate teasing $40 per barrel (bbl) once more, significant volatility is being reintroduced to more than just E&Ps through the midway point of 2017, namely in the oil and gas service sector as well.

Cover Story

In the horizontal San Andres play in the Permian Basin, private oil companies are kickstarting success by sharing drilling and completion data.

E&P Momentum

Fasten those seatbelts. Oil and gas has a been busier than commonly understood and the tsunami of accelerating field work in first-half 2017 will add significant crude oil production by year-end 2017.

A&D Trends

A strange thing happened in the Haynesville Shale recently. Australia’s BHP Billiton Ltd., with a market cap of nearly $93 billion, and rebounding U.S. E&P Goodrich Petroleum Corp.—market cap $110 million—found themselves separately staking part of their future on the resurgent play.

From the Editor-in-Chief

In the oil and gas ballgame, “Everyone is still talking about the old math, of what makes a great play,” she said. “It’s an imperfect understanding of where value—or ‘wins’—come from.

On the Money

As an industry matures, it’s not unusual for the pace of growth to moderate. For public E&Ps, who traditionally have been rewarded mainly for growth, this raises an issue.

Bright Spots

Staci Taruscio’s wealth of expertise led her to branch out on her own. In May 2015, she founded Tulsa, Okla.-based E&P Rebellion Energy LLC, backed by Natural Gas Partners, and serves as president and CEO.

At Closing

It may have gotten new impetus as of press time because major announcements were made about the future of automobiles and the fuels that make mobility possible. This might affect the oil and gas industry longer term, say in 20 years.