Energy Crisis As Early As 2016

Oil prices have always bounced back and this is not going to be an exception.

Could Falling Oil Prices Spark A Financial Crisis?

Junk-bond debt in energy has reached $210 billion.

Cutting The Cost Of Capital As Oil Declines

4.9 Billion Reasons Why The GoM Will Be Central To Our Energy Future

How new technologies are developing the fastest-growing offshore market in the world.

Strong Information Management Yields Correct Data

A strong information management approach mines energy company complexity to provide the right data.

Low Oil Prices Hurting US Shale Operations

According to recent data, slumping oil prices are putting pressure on U.S. drillers. 


All Eyes On Kenya: The Next Big Oil Exporter

Commercial production is expected to begin in the country during 2016.

Oil Price Outlook - Brent Focus: Bullish Supply, Bearish Price

Following years of breakneck growth in US oil production, the effects of the country's shale oil revolution are now making a tangible impact on the global oil balance.

Texas Railroad Commission Proposes Regulation To Address Earthquake Risks From Disposal Wells

The amendments would create an obligation for SWD well permit applicants to provide the Railroad Commission with additional information regarding seismic events. 

If The US Doesn’t Invest Much More In Shale Oil And Gas, It Risks Squandering Its Global Advantage

Unless America continues to invest heavily in its infrastructure, it will fail to take full advantage of this reliable and abundant source of energy and all it has to offer.

Machines Prescribing Recipes From 'Things,' Earth And People

How would the major technological transformations unfolding in other industries affect oil & gas?

Risk Appetites Changing For Major Oil

Analysis of country risk profiles for different major oil and gas companies reveals wide differences between companies with some-- such as ENI and Total -- concentrating their production in countries deemed much riskier by international rating agencies.