STRH’s Dingmann: Top 12 Independents Have >$52 Billion Of Buying Power

Nissa Darbonne

Gassy Appalachian stories are selling only if having locked in gas prices and firm transport, he adds.

Texas Railroad Commission Proposes Regulation To Address Earthquake Risks From Disposal Wells

International E&Ps ‘Looking At What Their Big-Bet Strategy Is Going To Be’

Nissa Darbonne

MLPs and PE-backed E&Ps are taking the lead. “It’s powerful money,” says Jefferies’ Marko.

Olsen: U.S. Could Be >4 Bcf/d Short By 2020, Particularly On The Gulf Coast

Nissa Darbonne

“It’s not so hard to dream up more than 20 Bcf/d of (additional) demand by 2020.”

The IPO Market Is Open—To Quality-Asset E&Ps

Nissa Darbonne

Aubrey McClendon is building five of them and plans more.

If The US Doesn’t Invest Much More In Shale Oil And Gas, It Risks Squandering Its Global Advantage

Unless America continues to invest heavily in its infrastructure, it will fail to take full advantage of this reliable and abundant source of energy and all it has to offer.

Betting A Major Will Scoop Up Your E&P Name? ‘That Is Not What Is Going On Here’

Nissa Darbonne

E&Ps Getting Under-50% Call Protection ‘A Huge Shift In Our Market’

Nissa Darbonne

Machines Prescribing Recipes From 'Things,' Earth And People

Risk Appetites Changing For Major Oil

Oasis’ Nusz On Exploring In Mexico: ‘I’ve Seen The Opening Act Of This Play Before’

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A Permian Share For $22K/Acre? ‘You’re Going To Buy The Stock Anyway’

Nissa Darbonne