Conventional vs. Unconventional Oil

What is the difference and what does the future look like for these two types of drilling techniques?

5 Ways To Play The Oil Price Plunge

Low-leveraged companies with attractive cost structures are likely to survive. 

Can Canadian Oil And Gas Cope At $50 Oil?

CanOils expects this situation to rectify itself before too long, but for now it seems that all oil and gas companies are suffering, regardless of their individual production portfolios.

Cowen’s Crandell: A 22% Cut In E&P Spend In The U.S. May Just Be For Starters

Nissa Darbonne

Most of the survey participants said $80 WTI would be necessary for them to increase their capex.

The Potential For A V-Shaped Oil-Price Decline Is Here

Nissa Darbonne

Bernstein Research senior analyst Oswald Clint’s advice? Buy.

Energy Crisis As Early As 2016

Oil prices have always bounced back and this is not going to be an exception.

Haas: ‘Expect A Wave Of Mergers And Shotgun Marriages’

Nissa Darbonne

A 500-rig cut may be delivered within 60 days, she adds.

Could Falling Oil Prices Spark A Financial Crisis?

Junk-bond debt in energy has reached $210 billion.

Cutting The Cost Of Capital As Oil Declines

But They’re Selling Natural-Gas-Weighted Tickers

Nissa Darbonne

Natural-gas prices are unchanged and expectations are for no change—or improvement. Yet, down-trading E&Ps on lower oil prices is dragging gassy names down too.

4.9 Billion Reasons Why The GoM Will Be Central To Our Energy Future

How new technologies are developing the fastest-growing offshore market in the world.

Strong Information Management Yields Correct Data

A strong information management approach mines energy company complexity to provide the right data.