EOG Sees ’15 Rebound; XOM, $55 For A Few Years

Nissa Darbonne
Simmons: “Industry participants are hoping for the realization of the EOG thesis and fearful of the XOM one…Patience is virtue at this stage.”

Big Questions For The Oil And Gas Industry

During these tough times, it is easy to be hasty and to make mistakes. While we all have our theories and opinions, we don’t know when and where the bottom of this fall will be. Uncertainty is very difficult and can be unnerving. It is important to know what to do and what not to do.

Meet WOC (aka DUC), The World’s New Swing Producer

Nissa Darbonne

U.S. wells waiting on completion may prolong a low oil price.


Reports: U.S. Oil Inventory Grows Again, But A Re-Set Is Imminent

Nissa Darbonne
The possibility of erasing “any crude-supply overhang in short order is not out of the question in (the second half).”

The Long-Term Average Price Of Oil Is $30 A Barrel

Sure enough, February saw a rally in oil prices, and in the case of Brent greater stability around $60 a barrel. Since then we have seen restocking by many petrochemical buyers responding to both the rise in crude oil and its newfound stability.

Athlon’s Reeves Likes The Stacked Permian For Athlon II

Nissa Darbonne

“…It would be hard to bypass.”

Down-Cycling With New SEC Proved-Reserve Rules: How It Works

Nissa Darbonne
The post-2008 rule changes improve oil and gas producers’ year-end 2014 value on paper, but banks’ tests of credit worthiness are based on real-time and estimated future value.

A Spring Shake-Down? Fall Redeterminations Likely To Be More Painful

Nissa Darbonne
Meanwhile, money flow into E&Ps may prevent a true “reset,” says Wells Fargo’s Tameron.

Energy-Stock-Offering Success Surprising Markets, Analysts

Nissa Darbonne

Stock prices have remained strong, despite dilution.

Who’s A Zero? Lenders May Snip E&P Stock-Shorters’ Dreams

Nissa Darbonne

“But, if you lose your credit facility, obviously, you become a zero,” says KeyBanc’s Deckelbaum.


Issue Equity, Not Debt, In M&A, KeyBanc Tells Oil, Gas Producers

Nissa Darbonne

Stock-price performance has declined the least after a stock swap, on average.

The Marquis de ‘Saud’ And The Case For $70 WTI Before Summer’s End

Nissa Darbonne

KeyBanc’s Deckelbaum expects U.S. shale supply to rapidly decline.