FieldPoint Petroleum Corp. (NYSE: FPP)  provided an update on the latest production information from its recently completed East Lusk Federal 15 well #2 in Lea County, N.M.  

FieldPoint's president and CEO, Ray Reaves, stated, "The last data we provided on this well was through September 24. With one day down time from September 25 through October 9, well production in Bo/p was 761, 767, 761, 698, 733, 710, 683, 170, 714, 633, 565, 606, 594, 556, and 564 respectively, and we continue to sell, between 400 to 600 Mcf per day.  We will now begin to turn our attention more to the drilling of well #3 on this property and our other exploration and acquisition activities."

FieldPoint owns a 43.75% working interest in well #2, and will own the same percentage of well #3 in section 15 of this field.