DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- EXCO Resources, Inc. (NYSE: XCO) today announced first quarter results for 2012.

Haynesville/Bossier Shale

Our horizontal Haynesville shale development program continues to be a significant asset for EXCO and continues to yield strong results. As of April 16, 2012, our Haynesville/Bossier shale operated production was 1,219 Mmcf per day gross (366.5 Mmcf per day net) and with the addition of net production from our OBO wells, we had 401.0 Mmcf per day of total Haynesville/Bossier shalenet production. In response to low natural gas prices, we have made a significant reduction to our drilling program. In 2011 we averaged 22 operated rigs in the Haynesville/Bossier shale throughout the year. We began to reduce our rig count in late 2011 and have further reduced the rig count in the first quarter. We currently have eight active operated rigs drilling in the play and will reduce to seven rigs in May. We will evaluate product pricing and project economics and make further decisions on rig count throughout the year. Our development drilling program for 2012 is focused in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana where we continue our 80-acre spacing manufacturing program. Our assets in San Augustine and Nacogdoches Counties, Texas have been delineated and tested and almost all of our core acreage in that area is held by production. We do not have plans to drill additional wells in the East Texas area in 2012 and are now focused on evaluation and planning for future full field development. During 2012, we plan to drill approximately 68 gross (24.5 net) operated wells in the Haynesville/Bossier shale play with almost all of these wells in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.

We drilled and completed 30 gross (8.4 net) operated horizontal Haynesville/Bossier wells and participated in 10 gross (1.6 net) OBO Haynesville/Bossier horizontal wells during the first quarter 2012. We utilized an average of 14 operated rigs and spud 23 operated horizontal wells during the quarter. We averaged one OBO rig drilling in the play and spud three OBO wells during the quarter. We currently have no OBO rigs drilling. In total, we have 324 operated horizontal wells and 177 OBO horizontal wells flowing to sales.

The average initial production rate from our operated Haynesville horizontal wells completed in the first quarter 2012 in DeSoto Parish was 13.3 Mmcf per day with an average of 8,250 psi flowing casing pressure on an average 18/64ths choke. This 18/64ths choke