OGI Excellence Awards

Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2014

Nominations for the 11th Annual Oil and Gas Investor Excellence Awards are no longer being accepted at this time.


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The facts:

  • There is no charge to submit a nomination
  • The online nomination process is quick and easy
  • You can nominate your own organization or nominate a third party
  • The winners are selected by a panel of industry peers and Oil and Gas Investor staff
  • Each winner’s story will be featured in an article in Oil and Gas Investor
  • Each winner will be honored at the Energy Capital Conference to be held in Houston

Developed to congratulate and reward the driving forces behind the North American energy industry in 2013, we are proud to ask for your participation in identifying and nominating those who made an impact.

Oil and Gas Investor's premier award recognizes the most inspirational, innovative and impactful executive in the North American energy industry.

Criteria includes:

  • Identifying an E&P or Service and Supply executive whose leadership has led to significant growth or transformational positive change for their company or the industry at large in 2013.

Honors the most innovative and high–impact merger, acquisition or divestiture by a North American E&P company.

Criteria includes:

  • Size and scope relative to previous company profile
  • Ability to grow the company after acquisition
  • Innovative deal structure or execution
  • Impact on the A&D marketplace

Honors the most innovative and high–impact financing deal structured by a North American energy company.

Criteria includes:

  • Deal structure
  • Impact on financed company
  • Resulting business growth
  • Financial reward for investors

Honors the most significant new well drilled in North America. To be eligible, a discovery should have been announced in 2013.

Criteria includes:

  • Distance from existing production
  • Discovery of a new play or trend
  • Reserve addition or production growth potential for the company driving the find
  • Degree of risk involved in developing the project

Honors the most innovative field rejuvenation project in North America. Submissions should identify production rates prior to the rejuvenation program and results achieved during 2013.

Criteria includes:

  • Innovation in enhanced recovery techniques
  • Impact on a basin or region
  • Production volume growth
  • New application of drilling, work'over or completion technology

Honors a company which refinanced or restructured or altered its portfolio or strategy to solidify or repair its financial and operational standing.

Criteria includes:

  • Return to profitability
  • Achieve new growth
  • Improve stock price or corporate value
  • Increase investor interest and/ or analyst coverage

Honors a company whose contribution to the community where it is based or one in which it operates achieved the most significant positive impact in 2013.

Criteria includes:

  • Charitable contributions
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Community outreach and education


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