MicroSeismic Inc. donated $50,000 to both Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and the University of Texas Medical School’s department of head and neck surgery (otorhinolaryngology) to provide complimentary hearing aids for some pediatric patients throughout Houston, the company said Jan. 6.

“With the cost of hearing aids starting at around $1,000, many families are unable to afford the cost to correct their child’s hearing,” said Dr. Soham Roy, director of pediatric otorhinolaryngology for Children’s Memorial Hermann. He is also an associate professor at UT Health Medical School.

“Hearing loss can have a detrimental impact on a child’s development, affecting speech and language skills and leading to possible learning problems, social isolation and poor self-esteem. Fortunately, with generous donations from companies like MicroSeismic, children who have fallen through the cracks now can overcome obstacles resulting from hearing impairment,” Roy added.

MicroSeismic’s donation is the first dedicated to hearing aids for Children’s Memorial Hermann, the company said.

Peter Duncan, founder and CEO of MicroSeismic, said that the decision to donate the money stemmed from the company’s work with vibrations in rocks. The company provides microseismic-based completions evaluations for unconventional drilling.

“Our success as a company depends on our ability to listen to the sounds of the earth,” he said, adding, “A child’s road to success is made easier by his or her ability to listen to the world around them. Our mission aligns so well with the hopes of these children, that this is the perfect opportunity for MicroSeismic to give back.”

MicroSeismic Inc. is a private company based in Houston.