Southern Energy Group Inc. appointed Stanley L. King as its senior vice president of exploration and development, the company announced Dec. 4.

King is a certified petroleum geologist and licensed Texas geologist with 58 years of experience practicing, assessing, and analyzing geologic methods in the state of Texas as well as the performance of numerous services in multiple capacities within the oil industry across the globe.

King's professional history began with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructing maps involving numerous areas around the globe. His next pursuit resulted in a 20-year post with Texaco as district geologist and division exploration coordinator for Venezuela and Africa, among others. His numerous exploits thereafter resulted in positions ranging from the U.S. chief geologist for Columbia gas development to president of national exploration and development until his current capacity as a geologic evaluation consultant for Randall & Dewey Inc., a firm specializing in acquisitions and divestiture packages that was recently acquired by Jeffries Group Inc. This firm represents the largest, most experienced advisory group dedicated to the energy sector and made up of a global talent base of geoscientists, engineers, transaction specialists, management experts, and finance professionals.

His extensive knowledge and expertise in a multitude of capacities pertaining to Texas oil development uniquely qualifies him to assess the merits of enhanced recovery efforts, having actively participated in the drilling, completion, and treatment of over 300 Austin Chalk wells as vice president of exploration for NRG Exploration. As such, he is considered an authority on the subject of oil development in this area.

Southern Energy is a Tennessee-based oil and natural gas exploration company.