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Big Data In Oil And Gas

Huge opportunities lie buried in the vast amount of data available to companies.
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Crude Oil: From Global To Local

Commodity analysts believe the strength in long-term Brent futures mainly reflects 'a downshift in OPEC supply expectations.'
Oil and gas platform in Cook Inlet with snow covered mountain in background at sunset.

Industry Legend Jim Musselman Discusses His New Alaskan Adventure

The Dallas Wildcatter's new venture acquired North Slope assets from Pioneer earlier this year.
The forbidden city in Beijing, China.

Fuling Field: China Pushes To Replicate US Shale Revolution

China is widely believed to have the world’s largest technically recoverable shale gas resources.
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A Truce In Colorado's Fracking War

Gov. Hickenlooper struck a deal to create a task force that will study fracking and present state legislature with its recommendations.
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Sailing Into Deeper Waters: Rowan Companies’ CEO Offers His View From The Helm

Rowan Companies' new CEO offers his view from the bridge as the organization enters new markets.
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Social Media Could Be Key To Gaining Social License To Operate

A survey implies the industry is underutilizing social media to communicate with the public, specifically concerning fracking.

IPAA's Kellogg Discusses Issues Impacting Producers

At the Independent Petroleum Association of America, Matt Kellogg advises 'industry leaders on political, regulatory and legislative risks and opportunities.'
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