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How Financing Structures Can Affect Operations

Far more attention is paid to how financing structures affect operations, how repeatable they are and their effects on profitability beyond distributions to investors.  

Commodity Prices, Activist Investors Likely To Spur More Deals

Price pressures on commodities are likely to drive more deals and private equity will likely continue to invest.

Pay Dirt: A&D Dusts Itself Off After 2013 Letdown

Larger deals have been more prevalent so far in 2014. In fourth-quarter 2013, the busiest of the year, just two deals eclipsed the billion-dollar mark. 
Justitia, the goddess of justice.

Challenging Legal Climate Confronts Louisiana Production

Lawsuits are ‘driving investment out of the state,’ industry spokesman says.
Rig on background the dark sky.

Monster Wells Scare Up Bigger Recoveries And Well Costs In Eagle Ford

Operators are cracking the code of enhanced recovery in the Eagle Ford, one that comes at a heavy price.

Oilfield Services Intensify

Pressure builds for service and supply companies as customers demand more, faster, better technology—at lower cost.
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MLP Dropdowns: Where Visibility Is King

Top-tier MLPs have had their run, so investors must dig deeper for underappreciated names.

Not All Is Worry-Free In Oil-Crazy Texas

Producers cannot escape the grip of regulation.
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