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Vanguard Buys Second Upstream MLP In A Month

Vanguard continues to hunt upstream MLPs despite the vulnerability of commodity price. But it also picks up hedges in the deal with Eagle Rock Energy.

National Oilwell Varco Prevails In Mud Pump Spy Case

In an industrial espionage case wedged somewhere between the worlds of James Bond and Austin Powers, National Oilwell Varco LP (NOV) has won its legal battle against Mud King Products Inc. Houston’s Mud King will pay NOV nearly $400,000 in a case involving the theft of NOV’s blueprints by the third-party parts supplier. NOV had sought nearly $7 million in damages.
Andrew Coleman, Raymond James, DUG, Permian Basin, Hart Energy, conference

Analysts: Permian Economics Palatable At $60 WTI

Where is price headed? That depends on who you believe. “Even the smartest people who study or trade on it can’t seem to agree,” says analyst.

Downturn Calls For More Flexibility, Less Complexity

As lower oil prices cut into profits, causing many to idle rigs amid plentiful supplies, some operators have added being less complex and more nimble to their survival kit.
Ring Energy, Delaware Basin, acquisition, A&D, Finley Resources, acquire

Ring Energy Reels In 14,000 Net Acres In Delaware Basin

The acquisition will nearly double Ring's daily production from its Permian Basin assets while also creating another core growth area in West Texas.

Permian Stacks Up Well For RKI

Liquids-oriented E&P not afraid to drill vertically, deploy technology to gain the best economics in the Delaware Basin.
Riverstone, energy, investment, A&D, acquisition, divestiture

Energy Backer Riverstone Brushes Aside Volatility, Nears Funding Cap

Riverstone has spent the past two years beefing up companies in Norway, the Midcontinent, Mexico, the Bakken, Permian Basin and continues to make energy bets despite a down market.

Determination Season

Should low oil prices persist, borrowing-base determinations in the fall may be more severe than during this past spring. Here’s why, and what borrowers can do about it.
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