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Does OPEC Still Matter? Yes, Indeed

Contentious in its inner politics and opaque in its intentions, OPEC nonetheless remains the key to oil prices. 
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OTC 2016: Return To ‘Good Old Days’ Still Far Away, Analyst Says

Good news for oil and gas is the industry is cyclical, though it will take until second-half 2017 for the market to rebalance, says IHS’ Atul Arya.
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New Day: Bill Barrett Unwinds Uinta For Pure Play Niobrara

The sale continues Bill Barrett’s focus on the D-J Basin andadds incremental funds at a time when “cash is truly king,” analyst says.
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OTC 2016: True Test of Downturn Will Come During Recovery, BP Executive Says

Energy demand is expected to increase by one-third by 2035, but oil and gas companies need to start looking at hydrocarbons as products to streamline.

Good News Just In: Utica Helps Set Gas Production Record

But EIA projections for May show broad, even sharp, declines among major shale plays.
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EQT Buys Next-Door Neighbor Statoil’s Marcellus Acreage

The acquisition increases EQT’s core undeveloped Marcellus acreage by 29%, adds 500 locations and allows for extended laterals in one West Virginia county.

Baker Hughes, Halliburton Face Big Bills After Merger Crumbles

A Department of Justice lawsuit was the death blow for the merger of Halliburton and Baker Hughes and scuttled the largest deal in recent memory - and perhaps ever.
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Colorado Supreme Court Sets Aside Local Fracking Bans, Moratoriums

The decision may cause Boulder and Broomfield counties, Colo., which had been considering similar ordinances, to rethink their strategies, an attorney said.
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